Saturday, February 5, 2011

Long overdue update.

I'm just now getting to the making-things part of things so maybe there'll be more pictures.

But here's the finished dress (quick, close your eyes if you don't wanna see!)




I need to find a slip... eek. It's pretty though!

I made what I think will be my headpiece-thing the other day... I welcome opinions. I haven't tried it on with the dress yet, and Travis says it's "totally 80's but in a good way" and I think I'm ok with that, but I dunno.



It's made from some lace Kelly used to wrap my bridal shower present, plus an old vintage birdcage veil (too destroyed to actually use as a veil unfortunately), plus a really cheapo headband (should've used a better one... I actually broke it in one place and cobbled it back together with hot glue), and feathers, and pearls, and various sorts of clippies. My biggest hesitation is the comb that I stuck on the empty end of the headband to help it hold to my hair (that's the side that had broken.) I'm afraid it'll show... It wasn't poking out too much on my test run, but still. And it's glued on too well to remove (plus the other side is heavy, errr.) I think I like how it looks though- I wanted something kinda over the top. It's a bit more ivory than the dress so I hope it looks ok. I do want your opinions though, I won't be offended... it's a fun thing to make so I might do a few others just to try 'em out. 'Course, I used all the good materials in this one...

But as long as we're talking over-the-top, this is my MOH/sister's fascinator:


Now before you judge me, she asked, nay, begged to have that bird on her head. So I obliged. I need to find a strong enough clip to hold it on...she might have to give into a headband.

Me oh my. Now I'm off to try a bakery we might want to use for our cake... turns out there are no employee discounts on Zingerman's cakes (our original plan) which means they cost somewhere between ridiculous and "Princess of Wales." Ah well.