Sunday, January 24, 2010

The colors, Duke! The colors!

(what is that from??)

Anyway, I think I've picked my colors. And rather fittingly, I used yarn (well, technically crewel wool.) I was organizing it into rainbow-ish order (which is a surprisingly large and enjoyable part of my job) and then reached in and grabbed this whole neighborhood.


I may have also snuck a skein of Malabrigo lace in there...and it turns out that a teensy skein of handspun that Vivian gave me happens to match pretty well too (these are total Vivian colors, as it happens. What can I say? The gal's got taste.)


Describing them has been a bit of a challenge. "Um, gold, and, like, gray, but more of a bluish purplish greenish gray, with a little bit of beiginess, and maybe some greenish goldish grayish..." Pantone can't touch this.

I also finally got around to taking a picture of my ring with my good camera (I waited until it had been resized and re-shined-up...I'd managed to scuff it quite a bit already. I'm sort of a bull in a china shop. I really shouldn't be allowed to have such nice things. At least my gigantic knuckles will keep it from falling off.)



Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ceremony Schmeremony

And we've got wedding colors! But we're in the middle of moving so I can't take a picture yet. Soon.

Meanwhile, I found this bit by Ariel Stallings (the "Offbeat Bride" gal) that nicely sums up how I feel about the whole ceremony bit (I say "I" because saying "we" makes me sound like a tool, but I think Travis agrees.)

"Andreas and I are basically pragmatic agnostics: We have faith when we need it and beliefs when we want them, but they're pretty quietly integrated into the rest of our lives, and we don't practice them publicly. Neither of us is really into ceremony or spirituality on display. 'She who knows the most, waves her crystals and DNA activations around the least,' I say. By this logic, the couple that is the most committed feels the least need to prance around and crow about how committed they are- this questionable leap in logic isn't exactly accurate, but it goes a long way toward explaining why we approached the ceremony with such hesitation... My rebellious streak pushed me toward impatience with ceremony. The pretense and sanctimoniousness grated on my nerves. Shut up about it already. We get it! I'm too irreverent to enjoy social spirituality, and so ceremonies have always lived somewhere near the bottom of my pet-peeve shit list, somewhere between misplaced apostrophes and people who can't walk their talk: I get impatient, irritable, and look for my escape hatch."

Though I think I like misplaced apostrophes less than ceremonies. And quotation marks used as emphasis even more. Quotation marks used as "emphasis" are really "annoying" and "confusing".

But anyway, this is the story of why our ceremony will probably last about 3 minutes and the whole vow thing will probably be done well out of the public eye. I don't need to tell you shit about how I feel about Travis, I just have to tell Travis. And I don't need you judging my writing style and cringing while I do it - which is what I usually do when I have to listen to someone get all sappy in front of me (uh oh, did I just cost myself an invitation to all my friends' weddings? Nah... most of them don't read my blog.)

As I was telling Travis when I was getting all stressed about the location (and he was trying to point out that that's not the important part): The marriage is the important part. And that will happen no matter what, even if the whole wedding goes to shit. And it will be good and I am thrilled to the gills but the details are, strictly speaking, none o' yo damn bizness. All you need to know is that we're married, so don't hit on us, and let us share healthcare. Relationships are like dreams: while yours are extremely interesting to you, other people's are really boring. You don't mind knowing the gist, but it gets really awkward and torturous fast if someone starts trying to let you in on all the details. (Unless it's a messy relationship...then it's more like a trainwreck and the details become juicy. But you don't usually see those at weddings.) Meanwhile, I see the wedding is THE BIGGEST CRAFT PROJECT EVER and an excuse to throw a big party for all the people in our lives who we love. And I am going to kick its ass with my crafty prowess, goddammit! Yes, in theory it is a celebration of the aforementioned marriage, but if our culture used a different event to justify plunking down a bunch of money on pretty things and getting wicked crazy party crafty, I'd be doing it to celebrate whatever event that was.

The ceremony, then, is this weird awkward tie-in where I have to publicize the rather private idea of the marriage and somehow connect it to the party-time extravaganza that is the wedding. Same with the first dance, sort of. I don't particularly like being the center of attention- or at least, the required center of attention. If you're all staring at me because I'm wearing a sweet dress, that's ok, but I don't want to MAKE you look at me. That's weird.

Oh dear, I am something, eh?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well, it seems like one decision has been made (besides the one about the groom, anyway). We were going to do the wedding in Portland before we move back to Michigan at the end of October, but I couldn't find a suitably rural environment without dragging my poor guests an hour or two out of Portland. It wasn't worth the trouble and the somewhat rushed timetable was freaking me out a little bit, so we decided to bump it back to next May in Michigan, hopefully during the ridiculously short window of pleasant weather my fine home state gets in the spring.

Now to find a farm with a flush toilet for the bride...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why hello, lot!

My repository for all things weddingy!

For anyone who stumbled across this without going through my other blog, please realize that the name (and address) is not an homage to greed, but rather a spin-off of my other blog, Presents Knits, "Presents" being an old high school nickname of mysterious origin. I promise I'm not just a gift whore.

For now I'm going to leave this blog all boring-looking...when I've finally settled on a theme or something, I'll spruce it up.