Monday, February 22, 2010

Behold, ye, and wonder... the biggest-ass mood board ever.


Yeah, I may have let the photo-collection process go on too long. (I am a bad person and didn't keep track of where they are from, so if one of them is yours let me know and I'll credit it...or remove it. Whichever you please.) Unfortunately, the colors when pulled from this don't look much like my little collection of yarn. They look more like this:


(Yes, I borrowed the swatches from 100layercake. Though I changed the colors a bit. No, there isn't a square in the top left-hand corner. Cool illusion, though, eh?) That seems like a lot of colors to me, I guess they kind of work. I'll have to think on it a bit.

Meanwhile, making mood boards is fun. I hope you'll humor me if I make some more for giggles. Completely unrelated to my wedding, of course. I think it's easier that way. Less pressure. And I'll make sure to credit those ones...and make my own damn swatches. Heh.


  1. oh my god, we totally have the exact same taste. I kid you not, several of those photos are in my own "wedding inspiration" folder, one of which is my favorite wedding photo ever! And you even added a photo of mine! :)

  2. so, um, as long as i shoot for 'grey dress' i'll still be fine, right? just don't stick me in some &^%$ing yellow (jaundiced bridesmaid? yeeehhh). all i ask. and your mood board makes me swoon.

  3. I love these boards. I love it. I love the colors. :):)