Sunday, January 24, 2010

The colors, Duke! The colors!

(what is that from??)

Anyway, I think I've picked my colors. And rather fittingly, I used yarn (well, technically crewel wool.) I was organizing it into rainbow-ish order (which is a surprisingly large and enjoyable part of my job) and then reached in and grabbed this whole neighborhood.


I may have also snuck a skein of Malabrigo lace in there...and it turns out that a teensy skein of handspun that Vivian gave me happens to match pretty well too (these are total Vivian colors, as it happens. What can I say? The gal's got taste.)


Describing them has been a bit of a challenge. "Um, gold, and, like, gray, but more of a bluish purplish greenish gray, with a little bit of beiginess, and maybe some greenish goldish grayish..." Pantone can't touch this.

I also finally got around to taking a picture of my ring with my good camera (I waited until it had been resized and re-shined-up...I'd managed to scuff it quite a bit already. I'm sort of a bull in a china shop. I really shouldn't be allowed to have such nice things. At least my gigantic knuckles will keep it from falling off.)




  1. your ring is absolutely gorgeous! and what a beautifully creative picture!

  2. 1990s popsicle commerical

    which color do i get to wear?

  3. shucks girlfriend, i just do it to mimic your own good taste ;)